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Friday, March 31, 2017

Getting Foothold in Europe; Fall of Portuguese | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 6

Hey guys, AfricanManbeast here with Part 6 of the AMAZING Giant Earth Map Game as Nigeria. So far we have taken over Central and Eastern Africa (Except for the 1-2 cities I left for Ethiopia) as well as taken over almost all of the Carthaginian empire. I'm still at war with Carthage in fact. I wanted to completely eradicate them from Africa, for trading reasons and for personal reasons as well (I'm a psychotic monster)

At the beginning of this episode the only cities that Hannibal had left were Utique and his capital Carthage. I quickly mobilize my army and surround Utique, another (good) coastal city. I split up the army in the north to start heading and lay siege to the capital Carthage since I didn't need all of my units in order to take Utique, I wanted to save as much time as possible for what I knew would be a pretty long game. I take Utique without any complications.

After Utique I immediately move my troops along the rode that Hannibal so nicely constructed for my army. Carthage fell quickly after that.

Finally, I virtually controlled all of Africa. An Africa ruled by the Nigerian empire, it brings tears to my eyes. But I wasn't done there. I wanted WORLD DOMINATION. And I knew who and what my next sight was...

This was such a good opportunity to continue my campaign into Europe. With Portugal being attacked, it was the perfect time for my navy to swoop int here and take over Portugal. I wanted to be careful with how I ran this operation because Isabella does tend to create a large army. I wanted to make sure the capital Lisbon would be at a low enough damage for my privateers to swoop in and take the city.

I quickly mobilized my navy; by the next time, I had pretty much stolen a capital from Spain:

I couldn't stop there. Spain was already on Portugal's city of Porto so I quickly moved my massive navy and waited to strike. Porto fell and the Portuguese Empire along with it.

It felt great to have gained a foothold in Europe. Africa was getting boring, and a fresh group of civilization was just the right medication for my bloodlust.

Next Target: Spain

Spain was actually at war with France when I had taken over Portugal. Luckily for me, I had sent in an army beforehand to secure my position on the Iberian Peninsula. When I declared war on Spain and gained vision, I realized that Napoleon's army was all over Spanish territory. Though after Barcelona was recaptured by Spain, Napoleon decided to retreat for some reason.

Napoleon could've threatened Spain's existence

Napoleon decided to retreat afterwards
Fortunately, since Spain had recaptured Barcelona, an already weak city, it was pretty easy for my navy to swoop in and take the coastal city underneath them. This only left Isabella with one city: Madrid, which I took because of my massive army + the help of OP ARTILLERY!!

I had taken the Iberian Peninsula, Africa had invaded Europe. I wonder who my next opponent is going to be??



The only notable thing regarding diplomacy was that I wanted to gain more power int he World Congress so I allied myself with the 3 city-states in the game: Lhasa, Ephesus, and Corinth.

Plus, I was freaking happy to see the defeat screen of Maria I of Portugal. Snobby little...

It's so nooby of me to get triggered by something as little as denouncements, but I know I'm not the only one...

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

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