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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Wigglytuff Empire is Just Too Attractive (Prince Difficulty)

This was my first time playing Civ 5 on steam. I open up the mods section to play a single campaign and I see this.

I was surprised and confused, but I was also intrigued so I thought, why not!

I also decide to use the Inverted Earth's Map Script because I was always interested in it (although it took me forever to figure out that I could use tiny map for some strange reason; I'm not a noob, show mercy!)

I launch my game and I'm relatively isolated. I start of near present day Chile. There's a city state above me where the Gulf of Mexico would be as well as another city state southwest of Mexico. I quickly settle my second city and grab all the lands surrounding the city state. "I'm going to rule this terrain"

After scouting for a bit I realize that there wouldn't be many places to settle since I'm blocked off by 4 city-states in total as well as a mountain range to my west. I decide to go for a tall culture victory. I settle my 3rd and final city near present-day Guyana, Suriname, and Guiana (east of Venezuela). My pink borders eventually expanded due to my gargantuan culture to the point where my borders crossed the mountain ranges, where I was finally able to meet my first civilization, Catherine the Great of Russia. 

Oh Catherine, sweet Catherine... I hated her. I had to pretend that I liked her just so she wouldn't get any funny idea of invading me. Not that she would succeed since I was blocked off by a mountain range; she also would've had to go through city-states that I had allied with (but I guess that never really mattered anyway because she annexed them into her filthy empire!)

The other two civs were Montezuma and Attalus of Greece (Peragmon). I was neutral with Monty at first but eventually our relationship faded. He was never going to be friendly with me anyway because I had a Declaration of Friendship with Catherine. Oh well, didn't matter:

A few gold per turn and some luxuries later, Montezuma was out of the game.

I was always buddies with Attalus; the only thing that annoyed me about him was his constant request for help. Eventually he successfully embargoed all city-states which triggered me; it meant that I had to trade with Catherine, therefore integrating my economy with hers and forcing me to keep good relations with her throughout the game so my empire wouldn't crumble.

My three cities, Wigglytuff's Guild, Drenched Bluff, and Beach Cave, were all ravaged by poor health. Due to such high population and the consequence of high tourism rate, plagues were common.

In the end what led me to my eventual victory was...


Hear me out. If it weren't for the atomic bombs that I had bought and kept storage, Catherine would've completely wiped me off the planet. Thankfully, the bombs bought me enough time as it raised my military strength to #1 so I could rush the technologies that would allow me to construct buildings that drastically increased my tourism.

I eventually won by sending a Great Musician to Attalus. But I wasn't done.

I didn't mention that freaking Catherine used TWO Great Generals and stole my territory. I was so mad. After the game finished I bombed her closest city in range, unfortunately, my infantry was not int he right position so I couldn't take her city in the end as revenge *cries*

The first citadel took away two cocoa resources and some trading posts. The other citadel took away my salt (although there's still a lot of it  in my body at this moment)
Noobs will be noobs am I right?

Summary: Turtled with 3 cities and eventually won a tourism victory. I gave Catherine a bang with my bombs 
( ͡° ͜╩ľ ͡°) but was unable to take a city so I cried in my designated crying corner.


Civilization IV Diplomatic Features

Future Worlds

Health & Plague for BNW


Inverted Earth Map Script - This is the one I used, but  this would be a much better choice.

MC's Greek Civilisation Split 

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