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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fall of French Empire; War with England | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 8

Welcome back guys to Part 8 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as the one and only: NIGERIA. This episode is really a turning point in the game, something that I will explain later on in this post. Where we left off, I had recently captured the French capital of Paris. At this point, the French were basically done.

The French still had quite the army and territory that I had to maneuver through so I was still at war with them for quite the while. Meanwhile, the French had a navy that was interfering with the effectiveness of mine; I wanted to take them out and continue on eradicating the French from the planet. The only problem was, The French navy was hiding under English borders...

You sure know how to piss someone off Elizabeth
There was no way I was gonna give into that demand (granted it wouldn't really affect me anyways). I had a better alternative: Declare war on England

Moving Up Western Europe; War with Napoleon | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 7

Hey guys, welcome back to Part 7 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as Nigeria. We just declared war on Napoleon after having secured the Iberian peninsula by taking out Spain and Portugal.

The beginnings of the war were stagnant and very tense. What blocked both of us from advancing was the Pyrenees mountain range and I wanted to eliminate French troops along the border before moving my troops forward to Lyon. I eventually pushed through, however, it was a long battle.

I used a small navy fleet on the Atlantic to assist in taking out any foreign troops, then, to attack the city of Lyon and to defend it from advancements from the enemy. Lyon fell as soon as I caught the upper hand, my army had crossed the Pyrenees and was moving deeper into French territory.

The French were close to retaking Lyon, but again my navy helped in warding off troops as well as my army that had now crossed the Pyrenees on their way for another tedious battle for the French capital: Paris.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Getting Foothold in Europe; Fall of Portuguese | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 6

Hey guys, AfricanManbeast here with Part 6 of the AMAZING Giant Earth Map Game as Nigeria. So far we have taken over Central and Eastern Africa (Except for the 1-2 cities I left for Ethiopia) as well as taken over almost all of the Carthaginian empire. I'm still at war with Carthage in fact. I wanted to completely eradicate them from Africa, for trading reasons and for personal reasons as well (I'm a psychotic monster)

At the beginning of this episode the only cities that Hannibal had left were Utique and his capital Carthage. I quickly mobilize my army and surround Utique, another (good) coastal city. I split up the army in the north to start heading and lay siege to the capital Carthage since I didn't need all of my units in order to take Utique, I wanted to save as much time as possible for what I knew would be a pretty long game. I take Utique without any complications.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Collapse of Carthaginian Empire | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 5

AfricanManBeast back again with Part 5 of my Giant Earth map gameplay. This part continues on my expansion into Southern Africa as well as war with the Carthaginian Empire.

Where I left off, I was just about to capture the Carthaginian city of Gades. I pushed north to capture the cities of Carthago Nova, a coastal city, and Saguntum, an unimportant city in the middle of the desert. I captured Saguntum but Carthago Nova was more of a struggle. Did I ever mention how annoying the Carthaginian navy is?

I lost quite a few naval units because of it and I was pretty upset at that. Needless to say I continued advancing further into Carthage lands and with that, I captured Carthago Nova.

Bye Bye Songhai; Securing West Africa | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 4

Hey guys, AfricanManBeast! This will be a longer post because not only am I going to war with Songhai, I eventually go to war with Carthage as well.

For the longest of time, I was ignoring those 2 civilizations because I wanted to deal with Ethiopia and the eastern part of Africa. Now that they're gone, I focused my attention back on Songhai and Carthage. They had annoyed me, stealing all the land north of Africa, the Songhai even settling Taghaza so freaking close to my capital.

The Songhai were first, as I talked about in my previous post, I moved my troops to the heartland. The more troops I moved, however, the more troops I see coming out of the Songhai, it was scary.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Fall of Egypt | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 3

*NOTE* Better quality pictures

Hey guys! AfricanManBeast here back with Part 3 of My Giant Earth Map conquest as Nigeria. This part will be shorter than the others since this one will just be detailing my attack on the Egyptian Empire.

Speaking of attacking the Egyptian Empire, I attacked the turn I started. My troops were in place, now all I had to do was to take ou the Egyptian troops surrounding the city before I start attacking the city itself. My goal was to not have a single unit die in this campaign.

I cleared out any front troops with my Trebuchets and pushed forward with my Musketmen and Pikemen along the  Nile River. Once the path was clear I pushed across the Nile River and southeast of the capital, the Crossbowmen following. On the northern front, I had to whittle down the remaining Musketman and Horseman before pushing my Trebuchets forward to start attacking the city. After I had done that, everything was easy: just whittle down Thebe's HP and walk into the city...

Taking Central Africa; March Towards Egypt | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 2

Hey guys AfricanManBeast here, and this report will go well into detail about Part 2 of my giant Earth map Civilization 5 game as Nigeria.

From the last report, I had launched an attack on Ethiopia, although they fought hard, I was able to capture my first city, Lalibela, from them. I used some turns to recuperate from the Battle of Lalibela, I also was sending more reinforcements to help in the war effort.

Haile was now afraid of the might of the Nigerian empire. I was emerging victorious. My next city was Gondar. As I crept south towards Gondar, I noticed how hard Haile was trying to protect it by surrounding it with units. I knew they would be trouble so I had to take them out first. I also couldn't attack Gondar immediately because I needed to wait for my siege units to traverse the jungle to get in range of the city.

It was difficult to travel through jungle and forest