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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bye Bye Songhai; Securing West Africa | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 4

Hey guys, AfricanManBeast! This will be a longer post because not only am I going to war with Songhai, I eventually go to war with Carthage as well.

For the longest of time, I was ignoring those 2 civilizations because I wanted to deal with Ethiopia and the eastern part of Africa. Now that they're gone, I focused my attention back on Songhai and Carthage. They had annoyed me, stealing all the land north of Africa, the Songhai even settling Taghaza so freaking close to my capital.

The Songhai were first, as I talked about in my previous post, I moved my troops to the heartland. The more troops I moved, however, the more troops I see coming out of the Songhai, it was scary.

The mass of troops up north, I wanted to cut them off and deal with them first so I moved a few Pikemen and Musketmen along with Crossbowmen up north and declared war against Songhai (I also didn't want to let him get the first hit). My strategy at first was to just wait it out and stay on defense, especially on the northern front. I knew I was bound to lose units.

During the first 5 years of war, Askia concentrated his troops up north. Needless to say, he still had plenty of troops south defending against any of my Pikemen and Cannons that were fortified, waiting for the right moment to sneak up behind and attack the city.

I lost a few units as expected but I was able to reduce the size of his army up north, however, I neglected my southern front and Askia was able to to take out a ton of my units and push his army south into my territory. This was the farthest Askia ever got in the war, very close to reaching the city of Lagos, my capital.

It was at that time that I wanted to make peace, but he wouldn't agree to it so I just had to fend off and hope there weren't any more units to help him in the war. I'm pretty sure he would've been close to taking out my city, or at least pillaging it oblivion, but Askia instead decides to move his army up north to defend the northwestern front, what I think was a mistake. That gave me the time to recuperate and left a lot of his troops vulnerable. I eventually pushed forward with my Musketmen by taking out his annoying Crossbowmen, Cannons followed and lied in wait on top of jungle hills to siege the city. I captured the city and razed it to the ground.

Needless to say, after that, the Songhai army was puny, all that was left were a few Pikemen. Although I do give credit where it's deserved, he managed to plunder a lot of my land. Everything else after the Battle of Taghaza was a piece of cake; I swallowed the cities Jenne, Tombouctu, and his capital Gao with my still massive army.

I wasn't done yet.
The Songhai Empire was still alive, but in the Middle East; I didn't feel like going all the way to the Middle East to get rid of him so I just white peaced him, and just left him to get taken over by someone else. I PUSHED THE SONGHAI OUT OF AFRICA

I immediately started organizing my troops along the Niger River for war with Carthage. He was being a jerk too, I wanted to take him out, primarily, I wanted access to the Mediterranean for trade and naval purposes.

My strategy for this war was to just sit along the river and bombard any Carthaginian troops that come in range of my Cannons. This was very successful as you would imagine. After whittling down his troops I sent a force to the coastal city Gades. I also sent a fleet to help in attacking the city.

Carthage had a bigger army than I thought:

Once those troops died off, the rest was easy, he concentrated his army into one small region and that made it easier for me to focus on and attack. Plus, the size of my army was just too much for him to deal with.

I didn't capture the city in this part, but the next part will go over the fall of the Carthaginian Empire.


Diplomacy was the same as usual. The American civilizations soon hated me too, I was now being denounced by them along with everyone else in the New World (Polynesia should be New World too, he discovered ME not the other way around). The only civilizations that were neutral with me were the Huns (haha...) and the Inca (I didn't pay attention at the time to how much of a power they were)

Other Empire-Related Stuff

This episode is highlighted by my expansion into Southern Africa. After dealing with the Ethiopians, I wanted to gobble up all the land in Africa as to prevent other civilizations from even thinking of settling on MY continent. I settled 2 cities, most notably, the city of Zaria, I settled below the capital of Ethiopia, next to the Lake of Victoria. I knew this city would be a great city especially with the Lake of Victoria and a lot of good tiles that provide production as well as food.

I settled the city Aba southwest of Zaria near present-day Tanzania

That's it for episode 4, this one was focused on WAR, and man was I into it, that's the reason why this episode specifically is long compared to the other ones. I need to learn to keep track of time more efficiently.

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

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