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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fall of French Empire; War with England | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 8

Welcome back guys to Part 8 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as the one and only: NIGERIA. This episode is really a turning point in the game, something that I will explain later on in this post. Where we left off, I had recently captured the French capital of Paris. At this point, the French were basically done.

The French still had quite the army and territory that I had to maneuver through so I was still at war with them for quite the while. Meanwhile, the French had a navy that was interfering with the effectiveness of mine; I wanted to take them out and continue on eradicating the French from the planet. The only problem was, The French navy was hiding under English borders...

You sure know how to piss someone off Elizabeth
There was no way I was gonna give into that demand (granted it wouldn't really affect me anyways). I had a better alternative: Declare war on England

Moving Up Western Europe; War with Napoleon | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 7

Hey guys, welcome back to Part 7 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as Nigeria. We just declared war on Napoleon after having secured the Iberian peninsula by taking out Spain and Portugal.

The beginnings of the war were stagnant and very tense. What blocked both of us from advancing was the Pyrenees mountain range and I wanted to eliminate French troops along the border before moving my troops forward to Lyon. I eventually pushed through, however, it was a long battle.

I used a small navy fleet on the Atlantic to assist in taking out any foreign troops, then, to attack the city of Lyon and to defend it from advancements from the enemy. Lyon fell as soon as I caught the upper hand, my army had crossed the Pyrenees and was moving deeper into French territory.

The French were close to retaking Lyon, but again my navy helped in warding off troops as well as my army that had now crossed the Pyrenees on their way for another tedious battle for the French capital: Paris.