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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Collapse of Carthaginian Empire | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 5

AfricanManBeast back again with Part 5 of my Giant Earth map gameplay. This part continues on my expansion into Southern Africa as well as war with the Carthaginian Empire.

Where I left off, I was just about to capture the Carthaginian city of Gades. I pushed north to capture the cities of Carthago Nova, a coastal city, and Saguntum, an unimportant city in the middle of the desert. I captured Saguntum but Carthago Nova was more of a struggle. Did I ever mention how annoying the Carthaginian navy is?

I lost quite a few naval units because of it and I was pretty upset at that. Needless to say I continued advancing further into Carthage lands and with that, I captured Carthago Nova.

I keep saying this, I eventually pushed north all the way to his northernmost city of Panormus. I first take out Hippo Regius which is just south of the city separated by a mountain, and then I moved my units in to capture Panormus. Panormus was a harder city to take since it was completely surrounded by hills, rough terrain, and there was only a sliver of territory that my Frigates could pass through to help attack the city, I could only manage in 3 Frigates. It took some time compared to the other cities I captured, but it eventually happened.

That was the last city I took in this episode. By this point, it was pretty much a guarantee that the Carthaginian Empire had fallen. I didn't want to stop though, I wanted all of Africa, all of North Africa more specifically to have access to the Mediterranean Sea for trading. I also wanted to have a better view of what was going on in Europe, since that was my next target


Diplomacy got interesting in this episode. Since there were so many civilizations in this game, there was no way that I alone could rule the World Congress, in fact, I didn't even have enough votes to ensure that I would be made World Leader, so I put my votes in and elected Inca as the world leader. They were far away from me, had no business with the Old World, and was one of the only civilizations that were truly neutral with me, so by electing Pachauti as World Leader, I was hoping to get at least one ally in the game.

The World Fair was also enacted in this episode. I won, naturally...

(It sure was annoying putting back all my cities to producing something else)

Other Empire-Related Stuff

I continued my expansion into Southern Africa. I settled the city of Warri near prresent-day Mozambique and another important city, Jos, in Madagascar. I wanted this city to be a naval-base type of city, a city separate from the mainland that would be a base to launch attacks in the Indian & Pacific Ocean so I made sure that the city was well developed to rival my beginning cities.

City of Warri near present-day Mozambique

Jos, important city that will act as naval base

That's it for this episode. Next episode will go into my invasion of Western Europe! Exciting isn't it?

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

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