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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Realfail Rules the Waves - A Paradox Megacampaign

"Kill me......." Those were the words I stated as I discovered that all my game saves were kept in the OneDrive documents folder instead of documents. So when I uninstalled OneDrive so went Germany Rises along with it. Because the blog was new and I had school stuff I didn't post for more than a month until now. Hello Noobventures, Realfail is back! (And nobody cares!!!!!!)

End Intro......................................................................................

Hey Noobventures! It's Realfail here, today in lieu of the failed Germany Rises AAR, I will be playing One game at a time which means more content! Today and for the next few months, I will be doing a Paradox Megacampaign. (For the uninitiated a Megacampaign is when you play the Paradox games in Historical order from CK2 - HOI4) My goal during CK2 is to form the British Empire. Let's get started!

I started in the year of our lord 769 in The Duchy of Powys. I didn't play as the Duke, however, I played as his vassal count. After taking a trip to the character creator, I made March of House Fail.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Experience in Arena 4

Hey guys, AfricanManBeast here! If you haven't checked it out, also made a post a short while back today detailing my experience in Arena 3. Although Arena 3, Barbarian Bowl, was quite dull, Arena 4, Pekka's Playhouse, certainly was not. In Pekka's Playhouse, there was certainly a wider variety of decks that I came across.

People were also at much higher levels, making it much harder for me to get my troops to the tower without completely being annihilated by crown towers. Also, spells such as fireball also had less effect on troops that if on level, would kill/leave at low HP such as the Musketeer, Wizard etc (I fear the day when my fireball won't be able to kill a Minion Horde)

In this arena, since there were more cards at my disposal, I actually tried out different decks, although Giant, Musketeer, Witch was something that I never removed from my deck since they were so crucial to my strategy. In the end, only one deck really worked for me:

My Experience in Arena 3

Hey guys! AfricanManBeast here; I have been playing clash on my laptop for so long that I eventually reached PEKKA's Playground, although unfortunately I had accidentally claimed experience points from an achievement and reached Lvl 2. That doesn't matter, however, this post is going to be describing my experience in Arena 3, Barbarian Bowl.

There was not that big of a skill jump when reaching Barbarian Bowl from Bone Pitt. Although I was facing against tougher opponents, I relatively won most of my matches with ease. With a wider variety of cards, however, it was harder for me to counter the new cards that came with reaching Barbarian Bowl. Especially the rocket, which took almost all my troops except for Giant and Valkyrie, although leaving it at such low health.

Here's my deck:

Monday, February 13, 2017

UPDATE! Why the Lack of Posts.

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know for those that still regularly check on the blog and are disappointed at the lack of posts, OUR APOLOGIES.

This blog is run by teenagers, so we still have school to worry about and there's a lot I have to worry about during school, but if any of you care about how I'm doing (probably not), I'm doing well!

Posts will come soon, I'm (AfricanManBeast) is making 2 Clash Royale posts as well as possibly 2 Civilization V posts detailing my experience with the Giant Earth Nigeria Game. RealFail also has promised to make some HOI4 so just wait a little bit longer!

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading, and I hope to interact with you again on the next post!

Noobs will be noobs am I right?