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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Europa Universalis 4: Ottoman Exploration Part 1

It has been months since I've played a game of Europa Universalis 4. The last time I played was right before Mare Nostrum's release so I have no idea how to work my way through all this new DLC (Mare Nostrum and Rights of Man). I've decided to play a game as everyone's favorite menace, The Ottomans! (Yeah! Yea! We love them!). I wanted to put a spin on the game, so I'm going to see if I can join in the American colonial game through domination (but Realfail that make zero sense you're gonna have to be MLG to pull that off). It's okay because I always have unreasonable expectations for my new games. So strap on in as I, Realfail, play the Ottomans and hopefully make it to 1821.
(Game is Ironman with Random New World turned on)

When I first stepped into the game, I chose the Constantinople mission because it was a pretty basic Ottoman move, and I really wanted those bonuses from having it as my capital.

Next, I choose my Rivals based on who I wanted to eliminate. My plan is to invade Byzantium, take back all of Anatolia, invade the Mamluks, then destroy Venice.

Friday, December 30, 2016

My Experience in Arena 1

Hiyo guys! AfricanManBeast is here telling you about my experience in Arena 1 of Clash Royale.

Arena 1 as you'll know is for those beginning the game, if you're new to Clash Royale, it may be a challenge, but you'll get there soon. For those that have played Clash Royale before and want to restart again for whatever reason, getting to Arena 2 should be no hard task.

Nevertheless, losses are always going to be your way. Or maybe it's just me, I am a noob after all. I'm limited to only a few cards from the Training Camp,

as well as the cards from Arena 1:

I was happy to receive a Valkyrie and Musketeer. I really wanted the Prince but instead got a Skeleton Army (You're guaranteed an epic card from a wooden chest when you first begin). It didn't bother me that much because the Musketeer was all I needed. It deals such high damage if left untouched.

Super Smash Flash 2 Tournament Review 12/29/16

Some of you guys may have been wondering what we ranked in the tourney (I doubt it). Unfortunately, both Realfail and I weren't able to make the tournament because life got in the way :/

Sorry for all of the hype up only for nothing to happen in the end, but since we didn't participate, why don't I talk about those who did? Specifically, the Grand Finals, between SoldierSunday and Incinerate.

SoldierSunday won the Grand Finals 3-0. He had a very dominating tournament overall. 

Although Incinerate fought a tough battle until the end. SoldierSunday came out on top.

I secretly was rooting for Incinerate since he/she was also using my main (Zelda). I thought that he/she used Zelda well although there are a few things that I would critique:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Super Smash Flash Practice 12/28/16

As promised, Realfail and I spent about 4 hours practicing for our Smash Flash tournament on 12/29/16. Here's the breakdown:

We focused on polishing our two characters that we will use for the tournament.


Peach & Zelda

Now you're probably wondering why I chose these characters, ESPECIALLY Peach right? Well that's the catch!

How would you counter Peach if you don't meet that many Peach players when playing competitively. Peach is honestly a great and fun character to use despite it's flaws. It has great aerial mobility, great aerial priority, and has decent killing capacity.
Peach also has the ability to auto-cancel her floats, which can throw off opponents and make your movements unpredictable

One specific noteworthy feature of Peach that really solidifies herself as a worthy character to play is:

The turnip is so useful for zoning. If you're opponent tries the hit-and-run strategy (like Realfail did soooo... many... times) then a turnip can be used to add pressure. I like to use the turnip as a precautionary tool when approaching an opponent: A turnip and an incoming nair (neutral air), how are they gonna defend that?

The turnip also has high priority so it stops opponents flat cold in what they're performing. What I also like to do is throw a turnip in the air when I feel as if I'm in a dangerous spot. When I'm in the process of being comboed, the turnip has saved me on so many different occasions.

Flaws about Peach have to mainly revolve around her mass and weight. Peach is such a floaty character so she gets knocked out to the blast zone easily. She's also very large making it easy to hit and combo with her.

Favorite Moves: Nair, Fair, D- sMaSh

Hearts of Iron: Germany Rises Pt.1

Hello, (three people who've randomly stumbled upon this website) I have recently started to play some Hearts of Iron 4 and I wanted to catalogue my first hour of gameplay. All of this was done in Ironman mode (I do not have The Together for Victory DLC)

When I entered the game, I decided to play Germany because not only was it recommended for new players of the game (noobs if you prefer) but I also wanted to play as the aggressor. For some background last time I played HOI4 as Germany, Anschluss failed in 1937 and the Allies guaranteed Austria so I proceeded to start WWII two years early. In the end, WWII lasted till 1947, the USA formed the Silver Legion and was on the Axis side, and the world was completely Fascist. That game made me think that all HOI4 games were 10+ hours long but now it is my goal not to make the war last forever like that time.(Both this game and that game were ahistorical)

So now that background is done I got into the game and proceeded to do my typical start game stuff. First I set up the Polish front....

 I couldn't set up my French or Benelux Front because of stupid Treaty of Versailles so first I went for the Rhineland National Policy,

In the meantime, I did not simply twiddle my thumbs, no, I was working on my long term play. I like to call it: Project Red, White, and Orange (lame I know).....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Super Smash Flash Tournament on 12/29/16

Hey guys! Realfail and I will be participating in a Smash Flash tournament tomorrow on 12/29/16. We're complete noobs at this game (what a surprise right?) so I doubt we'll get any good place but who knows. We will practice today for the tournament tomorrow.

If you want to sign up too, hurry up before time runs out! Signing up is on Challonge, and the tournament will be hosted on Anther's SmashLadder.

Here's the link to sign up for the Tourney

Here's a link to the upcoming tournaments on Anther's Ladder.

Also, I will create a new post regarding our game-styles and the characters we will choose for the tournament so stay tuned!

PS. Our replays will be cringey; we're trash. But then again, we ARE noobs.

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

Arena 8 - Hog Rider Deck (NO LEGENDARIES)

So I'm level 8 at the moment in Frozen Peak and I have a passion for Hog Rider decks. I am a F2P (Free to Play) player who has been playing for about 8 months, so as you can imagine, I have little to no legendary cards, much like a lot of you I'm guessing. 

Ever since I got to Arena 4 back in the day, I got the hog rider card. I remembered him back from when I used to play Clash of Clans and I loved him! Now, my passion for him has transferred to Clash Royale. 

Now, lets get to the deck:

Hog Rider, Goblins, Minions, Archers, Mini Pekka, Zap, Fireball, Cannon

The Burke Historia AAR Reupload

As promised I fixed up a bit, I've decided not to do too many changes and just edit in music and transitions. I made some notes about how I should make the next episode different so I'll make a short list out here (For the one guy who cares).

  • Fix Voiceover (probably just gonna stand away from the mic when I talk)
  • Fix Pacing (At this point I want to make it more cinematic)
    • Minor events like trait changes probably won't come up anymore and it will just be marriages, wars, deaths, and the poem from the official dynasty poet. At this pace, I can only get 30 minutes of gameplay per episode or about 3-4 years (if I'm on the fastest speed)
  • Fix that logo

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and next episode of this series will be next week. I've been Realfail, and this is Noobventures.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Achivement Get! Part 1

Welcome to Achievement Get! Where I try to get all the civ achievements as quickly as possible. Today, because it is my first time playing Civ 5 I got a bunch. These are the achievements I was going for:

The Burke Historia

As my first post, I wanted to try something a little different. This is my first AAR and I decided to do a video AAR from a historical perspective. This is the first in a hopefully weekly series called: The Burke Historia. I might make a few edits and write about why I made a few decisions in a later post. I really a NEED to fix the voice and generally add more transitions (Oh yeah and the bad poetry). I feel like if I took more time on it would have been better but I can see what I was trying to do when I watch it. I've been Realfail, and we are Noobventures.
P.S. Transcript at the Bottom

The Burke Historia

Monday, December 26, 2016

Introduction to Patrick­čîč

Hello, i'm Patrick­čîč. Sound familiar? I'm that awesome pink starfish from SpongeBob. Jk, i'm just your average Asian, except not really. I'm a fun, dumb, and smart, so things that shouldn't work well together, but somehow im still in school. I'm excited to share my experiences and whatever else my head comes up with. Some may never know, others... still might not ever now, I know i can't, and i'm the one thinking of them. Have fun! -­čîčkcirtaP

Peach's Downsmash is BROKEN

I'm pretty sure many of you guys know this by now, but I just wanted to point out a meme I came across on Reddit.

Funny and true! Honestly, it wasn't until I watched this specific video that I realized Peach's dair (down air) is BROKEN

I hope I'm not the only one that got triggered by that. A kill from dair and some poor teching. People tend to underestimate a Peach player (except Armada and probably MacD) but it bites them in the end when they're throwing their controller on the ground, enraged for getting caught by some of Peach's (honestly cool) combos.

Countering Peach's dair can be pretty simple. Remember to crouch-cancel so you can punish that annoying Peach player

BeWaRe oF tHe D - sMaSh!!!!!

If there are any other tips that you guys have for countering the deadly dair, feel free to comment! It's not like I know right? I'm just a noob, unfortunately.

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

The Wigglytuff Empire is Just Too Attractive (Prince Difficulty)

This was my first time playing Civ 5 on steam. I open up the mods section to play a single campaign and I see this.

I was surprised and confused, but I was also intrigued so I thought, why not!

I also decide to use the Inverted Earth's Map Script because I was always interested in it (although it took me forever to figure out that I could use tiny map for some strange reason; I'm not a noob, show mercy!)

I launch my game and I'm relatively isolated. I start of near present day Chile. There's a city state above me where the Gulf of Mexico would be as well as another city state southwest of Mexico. I quickly settle my second city and grab all the lands surrounding the city state. "I'm going to rule this terrain"

After scouting for a bit I realize that there wouldn't be many places to settle since I'm blocked off by 4 city-states in total as well as a mountain range to my west. I decide to go for a tall culture victory. I settle my 3rd and final city near present-day Guyana, Suriname, and Guiana (east of Venezuela). My pink borders eventually expanded due to my gargantuan culture to the point where my borders crossed the mountain ranges, where I was finally able to meet my first civilization, Catherine the Great of Russia. 


Welcome to the Noobventures blog! This blog will be covering the journey of a group of friends who are complete NOOBS when it comes to gaming (We're not trash though, just noobs). As time goes by, you will see posts on games such as Sid Meiers Civilization V, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Super Smash Bros, and more!

Our content will range from mini-guides, role plays, after reports, and anything else that comes to our minds.


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Merry belated Christmas :)