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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fall of Egypt | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 3

*NOTE* Better quality pictures

Hey guys! AfricanManBeast here back with Part 3 of My Giant Earth Map conquest as Nigeria. This part will be shorter than the others since this one will just be detailing my attack on the Egyptian Empire.

Speaking of attacking the Egyptian Empire, I attacked the turn I started. My troops were in place, now all I had to do was to take ou the Egyptian troops surrounding the city before I start attacking the city itself. My goal was to not have a single unit die in this campaign.

I cleared out any front troops with my Trebuchets and pushed forward with my Musketmen and Pikemen along the  Nile River. Once the path was clear I pushed across the Nile River and southeast of the capital, the Crossbowmen following. On the northern front, I had to whittle down the remaining Musketman and Horseman before pushing my Trebuchets forward to start attacking the city. After I had done that, everything was easy: just whittle down Thebe's HP and walk into the city...

I also didn't lose a single unit in that battle! Hooray! Now to get Egypt's 2nd and final city (I didn't know they had a second city due to the fog of war)

I knew taking the second city would be a piece of cake; I walked in there with my Musketmen and [newly upgraded] Cannons and just took the city with ease. It was better for me since there was no ranged unit defending from inside the city.

At this time, I had removed any major competitors in Sub-Saharan Africa. I wanted to expand my empire and garner better access to trade, I was restricted to the Atlantic and could not travel far enough to trade with any American civilizations (they didn't have any coastal cities either). I knew it was time to finally attack Songhai and Carthage and secure Africa. I started moving my upgraded Musketmen and Cannons from East Africa all the way back to the heartland where they were positioned south of many Songhai cities along forts to provide an extra boost in defense. I didn't realize until then that although not as technologically advanced, the Songhai has a huge army so I would have to use caution and make sure to take out his units when I declare war on him, if I wasn't careful, I could lose the northern portion of my empire including my capital Lagos.


I checked that it was the 16th century and I was too caught up with what was going on in the old world (Africa specifically) that I forgot to explore the new world. I got 2-3 Caravels and set forth to find out who was inhabiting the Americas, I was hoping that they would be more friendly to me diplomatically.

Reaching South America and discovering the Inca

Exploring north of South America
I ended up meeting the Inca, Aztecs, Mayan, Iroquois and the good ol' Americans led by George Washington. I still had negative modifiers with them :(

I should've never lied to Ghana about not declaring war, something that happened OVER 3000 YEARS AGO. It's funny that even the American Empires, who had no clue who I was at the time, would hold a grudge like this for so long...

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

Pro Tip: I highly suggest running the videos at 2x speed.

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