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Monday, March 13, 2017

Taking Central Africa; March Towards Egypt | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 2

Hey guys AfricanManBeast here, and this report will go well into detail about Part 2 of my giant Earth map Civilization 5 game as Nigeria.

From the last report, I had launched an attack on Ethiopia, although they fought hard, I was able to capture my first city, Lalibela, from them. I used some turns to recuperate from the Battle of Lalibela, I also was sending more reinforcements to help in the war effort.

Haile was now afraid of the might of the Nigerian empire. I was emerging victorious. My next city was Gondar. As I crept south towards Gondar, I noticed how hard Haile was trying to protect it by surrounding it with units. I knew they would be trouble so I had to take them out first. I also couldn't attack Gondar immediately because I needed to wait for my siege units to traverse the jungle to get in range of the city.

It was difficult to travel through jungle and forest

To be honest, I kinda got lazy so I kinda ignored an attacking Crossbowman and Pikeman and took Gondar. I knew Haile wouldn't be able to take the city so I was like, "Why not?"

I was really feeling it. I took out any annoying cockroaches still roaming around Gondar and healed my troops. I was gonna venture EVEN FARTHER into southern Africa to get Dire Dawa.

I had also sent a small fleet for Dire Dawa, unfortunately, once it got there I realized that it wasn't a coastal city, but I still kept my Galleases who were able to attack the city.

While my navy was taking out the troops in Dire Dawa, I split my troops into two force, a small one being sent to take Dire Dawa, and a larger one to attack the eastern city of Adwa.

Adwa was an easier city to take due to the infrastructure Haile kindly constructed for my military. Plus there was open terrain medial to the city and my trebuchets so I just placed the trebuchets in the jungle while my troops lined up to take the city once its health was whittled done. I took it without a struggle

*Meanwhile on the southern Front*

After conquering those cities, I decided to stop warring with Haile. As it was at the time, it would've been hard to capture his capital since Ethiopia is located in the middle of mountains, making the terrain hard to travel to as well as giving the capital, Addis Ababa. I went and made peace with Haile, in exchange for the city Harar, which is arguably a really good city, and would be useful as a base for a future attack on Ethiopia.

I moved all of my units in Central and Southern Africa up to Harar, I had my next opponent in sight:


Egypt had a fine looking capital, Thebes, I was thirsty for it. Just imagining what it would do to my score made me ecstatic. By this time I was able to pump out Musketmen, fresh-advanced troops for Thebes.

I wanted to take the capital quick and efficient, I didn't really want to lose units in this battle. I lined up my trebuchets east of the capital and positioned them on top of hills to rain down on any units that came too close. My Musketman lined along the Nile river, with Crossbowmen following them, 1 Crossbowman covering for 2 Musketmens.

I literally stopped recording as soon as I was ready to declare war on Egypt


Diplomacy was the same as usual, everyone pretty much hated me. Only Mussolini (I haven't discovered the new world yet) was neutral to me, but he was a warmongerer and was internationally hated as well so it didn't really help.

Japan really!?!? You're almost as irrelevant as Kamehamham

I also wanted to keep a watchful eye out on the Songhai and Carthaginian Empire because I was afraid of a joint attack on the poorly defended northern front, my capital, and the Ghanaian cities.

Empire-related Stuff

Taking the central Ethiopian cities encouraged me to expand to southern Africa. I raised the southernmost city of Ethiopia and in turn settled a better city where I ould get more resources and production

That's all for Part 2, Part 3 will detail my invasion of the Egyptian Empire!

* I don't have as much to write about in regards to "Diplomacy" and "Empire-Related Stuff" because I am only on Warlord difficulty so I don't think much about the consequences of my actions*

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

P.S. Anatolia looks amazing. The thought of settling that region makes me excited

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