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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Moving Up Western Europe; War with Napoleon | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 7

Hey guys, welcome back to Part 7 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as Nigeria. We just declared war on Napoleon after having secured the Iberian peninsula by taking out Spain and Portugal.

The beginnings of the war were stagnant and very tense. What blocked both of us from advancing was the Pyrenees mountain range and I wanted to eliminate French troops along the border before moving my troops forward to Lyon. I eventually pushed through, however, it was a long battle.

I used a small navy fleet on the Atlantic to assist in taking out any foreign troops, then, to attack the city of Lyon and to defend it from advancements from the enemy. Lyon fell as soon as I caught the upper hand, my army had crossed the Pyrenees and was moving deeper into French territory.

The French were close to retaking Lyon, but again my navy helped in warding off troops as well as my army that had now crossed the Pyrenees on their way for another tedious battle for the French capital: Paris.

With my Great War Infantry and Artillery, I thought that Paris would be easy to take. I guess I was right... After closing in on Paris I took the city (I had to insta-heal some of my GWI so it could survive). The French, though, took back Paris. I had to take over the city again, leaving it at only 2 population and moved my troops in front of the capital to defend it from the French.

Capturing Paris left the once glorious capital at only 2 pop.
The ending of the Battle of Paris concluded my military campaign for this part. The early years of war against France is a top contender for one of the hardest battles I've had so far the others being:


Italy really started to scare me in this episode. It had a very intimidating navy in the Mediterranean Sea. This encouraged me to build up a navy in the Mediterranean and place ranged troops on islands and coasts to guard against any invasion from the Italian Empire.

The Italian navy in the Mediterranean made me build up my own defense in the Mediterranean
Other Empire-Related Stuff

I adopted an ideology in this episode: Autocracy. You need it if you want to dominate the world (unfortunately)
I prioritized anything that would increase the happiness in my empire and the effectiveness of my army. For one thing, I tend to carelessly through my troops into the battlefield so I adopted:

Elite Force: Compensate for my lack of battle skill (wounded troops deal 25% more damage). 

Fortified Borders: Increase my empire happiness for defensive buildings

Police State: 3 happiness for each courthouse (definitely needed this)

Mobilization: Less money spent on buying, I like!

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

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