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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fall of French Empire; War with England | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay Part 8

Welcome back guys to Part 8 of my Civilization V Giant Earth Map Gameplay as the one and only: NIGERIA. This episode is really a turning point in the game, something that I will explain later on in this post. Where we left off, I had recently captured the French capital of Paris. At this point, the French were basically done.

The French still had quite the army and territory that I had to maneuver through so I was still at war with them for quite the while. Meanwhile, the French had a navy that was interfering with the effectiveness of mine; I wanted to take them out and continue on eradicating the French from the planet. The only problem was, The French navy was hiding under English borders...

You sure know how to piss someone off Elizabeth
There was no way I was gonna give into that demand (granted it wouldn't really affect me anyways). I had a better alternative: Declare war on England

My navy literally took York on the turn I declared war:

Elizabeth didn't have an army at all, and her navy was scattered all over the world, nowhere to be found around the British Isles.

I continued my assault on the French empire; I moved my navy through the English channel, taking out French ships on the way. I closed my navy in on the capital which also provided assistance in taking the closest French city, Orleans. With my newly upgraded Infantry, it was easier to walk into Orleans and move onto Troyes. London fell at around the same time.

It was visually pleasing to see that I had controlled the southern half of the British Isle, I wasn't gonna stop there too.

Securing the North-western Europe and the English channel provided greater maneuverability for my navy and for my army. My next target was Troyes. Since I research Flight, the Great War Bombers I got from them reduced the blow that my army would usually receive when attacking cities. The capture of Troyes was the last battle of this episode.

***This episode is a turning point in the game because this marks the expansion of my military campaign. I stopped focusing on one region and started expanding my military to embark on two-front campaigns/wars. I needed to do this to make the game more fast-paced (and arguably more exciting) since it was already turn 330, 1914, and I have yet to have captured all of Europe, Asia, and the New World. I launched a military campaign to journey through the Middle East, eventually traveling through Asia until it reaches the Pacific coast. In short, I was expanding Eastward. Europe would be my first front, Asia would be my second.***

You could argue though that as technology got bigger and better, military campaigns were even quicker as well. I agree to that, however, I state that I am a bloodthirsty autocrat, thus, my conquering should be done faster.

Sorry, there's nothing really to talk about in terms of Diplomacy in this episode. The importance of Diplomacy will decrease, I might not even be able to include it in future posts due to the game becoming more purely focused on war and military domination rather than coexistence with other Civilizations.

Only noobs would ignore diplomacy, disregarding it as unnecessary.

Noobs will be noobs am I right?

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