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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Realfail Rules the Waves - A Paradox Megacampaign

"Kill me......." Those were the words I stated as I discovered that all my game saves were kept in the OneDrive documents folder instead of documents. So when I uninstalled OneDrive so went Germany Rises along with it. Because the blog was new and I had school stuff I didn't post for more than a month until now. Hello Noobventures, Realfail is back! (And nobody cares!!!!!!)

End Intro......................................................................................

Hey Noobventures! It's Realfail here, today in lieu of the failed Germany Rises AAR, I will be playing One game at a time which means more content! Today and for the next few months, I will be doing a Paradox Megacampaign. (For the uninitiated a Megacampaign is when you play the Paradox games in Historical order from CK2 - HOI4) My goal during CK2 is to form the British Empire. Let's get started!

I started in the year of our lord 769 in The Duchy of Powys. I didn't play as the Duke, however, I played as his vassal count. After taking a trip to the character creator, I made March of House Fail.

To nerf my eventually exponential growth, I set the hordes to random and turned on Sunset Invasion (also random). I'm playing in hard mode!

When I opened up the game, the notifications popped up and after months of not playing, I had to remember what they meant (cause I can't figure out the obvious).

I did the usual: chose ambition, chose a focus, picked council, handed honorary titles, and married Landrada Karling (because who doesn't).

I started the timer and almost immediately I was appointed councilor to my liege. I became a pragmatist but I knew that eventually, I would go malcontent and betray the Duke.

Landrada Karling eventually married me and with that, I called the first part a wrap. You could say I've done nothing of any kind of substance (and you would be right), but I'm procrastinating on homework right now so I better get back to it. Signing off until next time, from Noobventures, this is Realfail!

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